Changework Applications

Powerful Hypnotic Changework Without Scripts!

Where the Hypnosis Mastery Programme taught you how to alter realities, Changework Applications teaches you how to change lives!

Jorgen Rasmussen

"I didn’t expect the quantum shift this programme can create!"โ€จ

Alan Cole-Wilkin - DHP, Master Prac NLP, Fellow NLPPA

Transform your ability to transform lives today!

Over 4.5 hours of densely packed, high quality material teaching high-impact HWT change techniques, psychological subtleties and powerful changework principles

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Dear Agent of Change or Agent of Change to be...

Thank you for taking the time to check out this information on Changework Applications. The programme is simply and exactly what it says it is - the application of HWT skills and principles to the area of Changework.

When the HWT Hypnosis Mastery Programme originally came out back in 2010, a lot of people absolutely loved it, but were unsure as to whether the teachings applied to as well to Hypnotherapy and Changework as they obviously did to 'Street Hypnosis'.

Now, although I had used the elicitation of hypnotic phenomena - the altering of reality in a 'play' context - as the material through which to teach the skills and principles, my main profession at the time was that of Hypotherapist. And I was using the principles of HWT every day in my hypnosis Changework practice.

Unsurprisingly, I had a lot of people contact me with questions regarding how HWT applied to Changework, so in response to requests I created a Changework Applications one-day workshop to teach the applications, principles and psychological subtleties for conducting transformative work with HWT. This video programme is a recording of that workshop.

James Tripp

"HWT has blown my mind and completely changed my thoughts on how hypnosis works with my clients – its clicked together a lot of gaps that my traditional learning couldn’t explain…"

Michelle Marsh
- Hypnotherapist, Perth Australia


Many hypnotherapists mishandle the framing of change in such a way as to badly undermine the process


Most hypnotherapists are routinely 'recruited by their clients' problems', and as such, very often make them worse

Nurture Change

Many hypnotherapists don’t do enough to nurture and mature change to ensure it becomes truly permanent

"I have worked professionally as an agent of change for twelve years, done thousands of client sessions…

James gave me several useful nuances that I am using in my daily work, and his ideas have inspired me to develop some useful modifications, experiments and techniques of my own."

Jørgen Rasmussen - Author of the critically acclaimed Provocative Hypnosis

"I attended the HWT Changework Application Day with my colleague.

As two highly qualified and experienced hypnotherapists and NLP Master Practitioners we expected that we may learn one or two ‘nice to know’ techniques.  What we didn’t expect was the quantum shift this programme can create.
[James] merges Hypnosis, NLP, Clean Language, Clean Space and Hyperempiria amongst other disciplines into a highly effective therapeutic tool box.  His execution of the techniques was a masterclass in elegance and effectiveness.

…if you are stuck in the trance induction and ‘hypnosis as a panacea’ school… James will challenge your preconceptions and demonstrate how his methods work effectively and without fuss.

This is a must to add to your therapist toolbox."

Alan Cole-Wilkin - DHP, Master Prac NLP, Fellow NLPPA

Start changing lives today with Hypnosis Without Trance Changework Applications!


 £87 Lifetime Access

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